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Religion: Respect? Ridicule!

Religion hit for 6

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Supersport reports that police fired teargas on Tuesday to break up clashes between Hindus and Muslims as celebrations over India’s nail-biting Twenty20 cricket win over Pakistan in South Africa exploded into violence, officials said. More than 35 people, including policemen, were hurt in the fighting, which broke out overnight in Indian Kashmir and continued on Tuesday, police said in Jammu, winter capital of the disputed Himalayan region.

Witnesses claimed Muslims provoked Hindus with pro-Pakistan slogans after India defeated their arch-rivals by five runs in the final of the inaugural World Twenty20 tournament in South Africa on Monday.

Muslims said they were targeted because Hindus perceive them as pro-Pakistan.

“A group of people (Muslims) offering prayers alleged they were attacked by people who were taking out a rally to mark India’s victory,” Jammu police chief SP Vaid said.

In Jammu, Kashmir’s only Hindu-majority city, some 1 000 Indian fans outnumbered Muslims ten-to-one as they stormed a college, other officials said.

Similar clashes also broke out in Gujarat, where five policemen were hurt after they intervened between rioting Hindus and Muslims on Monday night in the western state, the United News of India said.

India and Pakistan exist as separate countries solely because Islam and Hinduism cannot be reconciled.

Enough already! Of this ridiculous god-business. So Allah got his ass kicked by Vishnu?! Preposterous! Ludicrous! Pathetic!

There have been Protestant and Catholic football clubs in Scottish cities for as long as people care to forget: Protestant Rangers and Catholic Celtic, for instance, make sport a vehicle for the poisonous influence of religious and social bigotry.

Can we not, for crying in a bucket, get rid of this religion nonsense?!



Written by Nathan Bond

September 25, 2007 at 18:19

Posted in Religion must go!

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