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Graeson Haw, of Fish Hoek, wrote eloquently of his shock, horror and disgust at the Zapiro cartoon featured in that “esteemed organ”, the Cape Times.

He found it, did Haw, unacceptable that this maniac (Zapiro) could have got away with depicting the Tooth Fairy in such a perverse fashion.

“I have been a fanatical worshiper of this deity since the age of five”, wrote Haw. “I will never forget that bright morning when I awoke to discover that my humble offering of two front teeth the night before had been rewarded with a 20c piece in my stokie.

“The power of the Tooth Fairy may mean nothing to you Mr Zapiro (clearly, you’ve never lived through the ordeal of losing your milk teeth), but I happen to find great comfort in her message of love and redemption for those with questionable dental hygiene.

“I have lost all respect for you as an artist, sir. You have lost your oral compass.

“I will be flinging all of your works and scribblings into my municipal wheelie bin and constructing a paper mache effigy of your gumline, to be placed into my stokie this evening.

“Tremble, Mr Zapiro, for soon you will feel the awesome wrath of my god.”

Responded Ian van Niekerk of nearby Noordhoek: “The cartoon and (Haw’s) letter have brought awareness of the Tooth Fairy into my life again, filling a gap which has existed since the loss of my last milk tooth more than 50 years ago. Now, facing the prospect of losing even more of my teeth, the Tooth Fairy promises to make these losses rewarding, if I pledge my faith in her love of those with questionable dental hygiene and ‘holey’ problems.

“Thanks to Zapiro and Haw, I have become a Tooth Fairy believer again while I still have a couple of teeth to offer.”

O, for letters such in the Afrikaans Press!



Written by Nathan Bond

November 29, 2007 at 19:23

Posted in Religion must go!

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