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Religion: Respect? Ridicule!

Another editor grovels before believers

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Last month, the Johannesburg-based Jamiatul Ulama complained about the Zapiro cartoon of Allah published in the Cape Times and The Star, describing it as “a distasteful affront to our religious beliefs”.

The group has now accepted an apology and the issue is now closed.

Editor of The Star and editorial director of Independent News and Media Moegsien Williams says he would have censored Zapiro’s “Story Character” cartoon had he seen it before publication.

Pathetic, Mr. Williams. Pathetic!

Do Independent News and Media editors yield to the gullible as a matter of course? Is the information in Independent News and Media newspapers subject to Bronze Age tarradiddles cloaked in Dark Age fear and mendacity? Am I to value stories and articles and comment and opinion in Independent News and Media newspapers when they are not able and willing to expose even myth for what it is? What is “Independent News and Media” – a guardian of the naive?

Is Allah now no longer incensed by the cartoon, now that an apology is accepted on behalf of Al-Quddoos (القدوس) – The Most Holy?

Is “Allah” now, subsequent to the apology, after all not on a par with Santa and the Tooth Fairy?

If an apology is required, it is to be delivered to my address: I believe, nay, know, beyond a velleity of doubt, that the gnome keeping in the South Eastern corner of my small garden created everything – everything! – some 15 minutes ago, complete with historical record and memory, before turning itself into a plaster likeness of His Once Greatness. You guys who do not accept this truth owe me an apology. Or the wrath of “Kabouter the Gnome” on you all!

“A distasteful affront to our religious beliefs”? Ag shame! How piteous can believers be?

Religion. Respect? Ridicule!



Written by Nathan Bond

December 10, 2007 at 13:20

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