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I baptise you in the name of Education

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Parents in the United Kingdom, desperate for a place in oversubscribed Catholic schools, are responsible for a surge in “late” baptisms into the faith.1

Tony Spencer, of the Pastoral Research Centre Trust, which published the research, said the rise in “late” baptisms was fuelled by the desire of marginal or lapsed Catholics to secure a place at an oversubscribed Catholic school. He said that Catholic schools were more generously funded than they were in the 1950s when they were “impoverished”. As a result, they were able to offer a better standard of education and had improved their examination results.

This reprehensible situation, borne of the fact that state education has deteriorated to the extent where parents are forced to risk the very rationality of their children in a quest for 3 decent R’s, represents a clear and present danger to the very future of the United Kingdom.

Why would a Catholic school or a faith school provide a better education? Certainly not for reasons related to issues of faith, but merely by reason of good ‘ol economics – faith schools are better funded than state schools and may be more selective over their pupil intake. The best teachers will follow the money; caring parents will follow the best teachers.

To educate children in an environment designed to venerate that for which no evidence exists is to subvert the pith of education: To install the discipline to objectively evaluate information and evidence in order to arrive at informed decisions. This is the very basis of morality, of ethics; the essence without which the very fibre of society is compromised and people are condemned to a Dictatorship of Nonsense where unjustified and unjustifiable beliefs arrogate to be the norm.

The United Kingdom has failed its children. The United Kingdom has compromised its future. The United Kingdom has sold out to Bronze Age bosh cloaked in Dark Age ignorance. Al-Quida could not inflict a more severe wound on the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has condemned its children.

1 Garner, Richard. January 12, 2008. Late baptisms soar as parents chase Catholic school places. The Independent.



Written by Nathan Bond

January 13, 2008 at 11:39

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