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Religion: Respect? Ridicule!

A clever man is Rowan Williams

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“The Archbishop of Canterbury says the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK ‘seems unavoidable’.”

So reports the BBC in what launched a frenzy that must surely rank as one of the most atrocious misrepresentations in media history. I certainly do not think that the Archbishop intends to lobby for the introduction of Sharia law into the British system. I do think that the Archbishop is a clear thinker and that he is prepared to make the kind of statements that get people thinking. To get people thinking is, of course, a very irresponsible thing to do and the Archbishop is suffering the consequences of his folly.

Director of the Ramadhan Foundation Mohammed Shafiq, and secretary general of The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) Muhammad Abdul Bari, get it.* They said it was important that non-Muslims in Britain understand that Williams is not suggesting Shariah be adopted for resolving criminal charges, but only civil disputes.

I do think that Rowan Williams is a bright man. And I do think that he is defending the faith as best he can. To run the Episcopalian Church must rank with being president of Israel – a land of presidents. Every man and his dog and every woman have an opinion that arrogate as absolute truth.

Williams realizes, methinks, that one can not demand respect (or even mere acceptance; tolerance) for one’s own nonsense if one does not respect (or even merely accept; tolerate) the nonsense of someone else.

Now Islam is the ne plus ultra of idiocy. Islam represents the single most innate bullshit ever ideated by the human mind. Islam is founded on a distressed man seeking solace in solitude… Around 600 CE, perturbed by continuous quarreling among Sabaeanists, Jews, Christians and Arabs worshiping local gods and goddesses, and believing in angels, fairies and demonic jinn, young Muhammad escaped to a cave near the base of Mount Hira for days on end. Suddenly, one night, the indefatigable Gabriel, celestial courier who sold Mary, a couple of centuries earlier, on the idea that she’ll fall pregnant without as much as a glimpse of a hard on – appeared to Muhammad and commenced a series of intermittent revelations. Addled by the experience and unsure about the legitimacy of the visions an insecure Muhammad eventually decided, surprise, surprise, that he was indeed a true prophet and messenger of Allah. The market was not convinced though, and the first four years of proselytizing yielded only about forty acolytes. But by 630 CE the prophet had assembled some 10’000 adherents and Islam was on its way. Subsequent to Muhammad’s death two years later, Islam spread rapidly due largely to jihad – victory in battle and military conquest.

Williams realizes that if he does not tolerate “their” trumpery, he can not reasonably expect “them” (or, frankly, anybody!) to tolerate the Trinity and the forked tongue inspirations of the Holy Ghost… Already the MCB said it was grateful for the “thoughtful intervention” of the Archbishop on the discussion of the place of Islam and Muslims in Britain today.*

Clever man, Archbishop Rowan Williams. Clever, clever man indeed.

* The Independent. February 8, 2008. Archbishop faces criticism from within Church.



Written by Nathan Bond

February 9, 2008 at 15:51

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