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Jurie Els en die dominees

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Daar word wyd bespiegel dat die Suid Afrikaanse sanger Jurie Els die jong kunstenaar Robbie Klay seksueel gemolesteer het toe Robbie nog ‘n kind was.

Suid Afrika is met reg ontsteld en geskok en daar word oproepe gehoor dat kriminele vervolging ingestel moet word.

Ek meen dat wandade teen kinders allerverskrikliks is.

Maar hoekom is die gemeenskap so selektief in die veroordeling van kindermolestering?

Ek haal aan uit my essay Suffer little children:

Richard Dawkins argues compellingly on the mental abuse that is religious instruction to children.1

In an example that freezes the heart, Dawkins tells of an abused, a doubly abused, correspondent2 that wrote:

Being fondled by the priest simply left the impression (from the mind of a 7 year old) as ‘yucky’, while the memory of my friend going to hell was one of cold, immeasurable fear. I never lost sleep because of the priest – but I spent many a night being terrified that the people I loved would go to Hell. It gave me nightmares.

When I wrote in the Gauteng Afrikaans Daily, Beeld, in February 2005, on the havoc wreathed by religion on the receptive minds of children, I received numerous responses from people pouring their hearts out, saying that they recognised their very own adolescent lives in my statements.

“In any culture, subculture, or family”, I recalled the devastating words of Nathaniel Branden, “in which belief is valued above thought, and self-surrender is valued above self-expression, and conformity is valued above integrity, those who preserve their self-esteem are likely to be heroic exceptions.”3

Brandon continues, “If, in any culture, children are taught, ‘We are all equally unworthy in the sight of God’, if, in any culture, children are taught, ‘You are born in sin and are sinful by nature’, if children are given a message that amounts to ‘Don’t think, don’t question, ‘believe’, if children are given a message that amounts to ‘Who are you to place your mind above that of the priest, the minister, the rabbi?’, if children are told, ‘If you have value it is not because of anything you have done or could ever do, it is only because God loves you’, if children are told, ‘Submission to what you cannot understand is the beginning of morality’, if children are instructed, ‘Do not be “wilful”, self-assertiveness is the sin of pride’, if children are instructed, ‘Never think that you belong to yourself’, if children are informed, ‘In any clash between your judgement and that of your religious authorities, it is your authorities you must believe’, if children are informed, ‘Self-sacrifice is the foremost virtue and the noblest duty’, then consider what will be the likely consequences for the practice of living consciously, or the practice of self-assertiveness, or any of the other pillars of healthy self-esteem.”

To expose children to religious dogma is nothing but abuse and molestation. It is criminal.

Wanneer ‘n dominee van ‘n tiener verwag om die blatante onsin wat in die belydenisgrondslag vervat is te bely ten einde deel van die groep te kan word, mishandel hy of sy daardie tiener op net so ‘n verfoeilike manier asof hy of sy die tiener se penis of vagina sou bevoel. Die onsin wat godsdiens leer verdom kinders. Dít is opperste kindermolestering – molestering wat die kind tot by die graf bybly.

Sweterige vingers tussen die bene en slegte asem kan verwerk word. Maar die leuens van godsdiens staan vas.

Waarom die dominees se molestering miskyk? Wáárom?


(1) Dawkins, Richard. 2006. The God Delusion. Bantam Press. London. pp311-344.

(2) 2006:317-318. She was sexually abused by her parish priest in his car. And, around the same time, a little school friend of hers, who had tragically died, went to hell because she was a Protestant. Or so she had been led to believe…

(3) Branden, Nathaniel. 1994. The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. Bantam Books. New York. p296.

Written by Nathan Bond

February 24, 2008 at 11:39

Posted in Religion must go!

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