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Religion: Respect? Ridicule!

A new prophetic context

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I read with interest the call of Cedric Mayson, long time liberation theologian and now National Coordinator of the ANC Commission for Religious Affairs, for “Secular Spirituality”: We need to liberate religion into a new secular spirituality (lower case this time) which drives away superstition and fear, and empowers millions of agnostics and believers who are seeking a spirituality not wrapped in colonial religions. It means a new evangelism, a unity in diversity of people seeking values which change society, a new prophetic context which sees politics and economics as godly spheres.

I wonder whether a religion without God would be salutary?

In introducing TART Remarks I write that I think that the supreme challenge facing theology in the 21st century is to create awe and wonderment in the here and now – the kind of awe and wonderment that binds together; not the awe and wonderment that delivers eternal life in a “hereafter” to a select few subscribing infallibly to a particular and specific creed.

See Recommended Reading: Thabo Mbeki’s Bible


Written by Nathan Bond

March 1, 2008 at 17:17

Posted in Religion must go!

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