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Religion: Respect? Ridicule!

MMC + 2

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MMC + 2

Two days after the Mighty Men Conference where 60 000 men asked God to heal South Africa…

Rowers skiet man in TV-stoel dood

Familie se huis geplunder nadat 12 rowers hulle oorval

Couple murdered on farm

Mom killed in front of kids

Scores of children die from unsafe water

Mother and daughter killed, baby kidnapped

Girl ‘made to watch porn’ before rape

Cop shot in the head

Decomposing body found in Pietermaritzburg

Another 5 500 AIDS deaths in Africa today

1 500 new HIV infections in South Africa today

Nice going, Goddy! Perhaps you’re working on another bumper spud crop instead of watching over your “children”?

MMC + 1

The Monday after the Mighty Men Conference where 60 000 men asked God to heal South Africa…

Dad burns house, hangs himself

Girl, 12, raped in ditch

E Cape storm claims three

Vrou (71) se bebloede lyk gekry

Drie paramedici, 2 pasiënte sterf toe ambulans lorrie tref

2 dood in aanval by dagsorgsentrum

KZN hitch-hiker raped

Durban man and woman strangled to death

Five die on KZN as rain pours

Another 5 500 AIDS deaths in Africa today

1 500 new HIV infections in South Africa today


Written by Nathan Bond

April 22, 2008 at 16:08

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  1. You know what. I can’t believe that people can be so stupid. Where do you think all things came from, I always had a saying. I’ll rather believe than not believe, what you have to lose. But then I became closer to Gods truth. I saw it with my own eyes work. I use to be a club DJ. Party’s girls and booze was what I lived for. I use to have two SL1200 turntables with a pioneer mixer. Drove a sporty astra with all conversions on that you can imagine, had the best clothing and all had to be brand names. Lived for this earth. I was admired by girls and people around me. The man. Always in style. But my life was still empty. Until I met God in spirit. Nothing of that matters now. Not how drunk I can get. Not how many chicks I can bang. Nothing mattered. Just Christ. And my life has gone crazy since then. I got an increase three times my salary that time. I drive an even better car. Could buy a house. Things that really matter in life. I praise God for it. This earth and everything on it belongs to him. Just tell me. The MMC. People were there with marriage problems. People on the final stages of divorcé being finalized. After the prayers people’s phones started ringing. Wife’s phoning their husband asking for forgiveness. Not just one but plenty. Wife’s that have already left their husbands. Now is that just a coincidence. Now it’s not. Jesus is coming. You bring up all the troubles in the world. Yes this world is corrupt. We made it corrupt. Not Jesus. Jesus said obey. Not break down. Take away the people on this earth and the planet will survive. We are killing the most wonderful gift given to us. There is a story of a man that was sitting in a barber shop. The barber was busy cutting this persons hair and for some reason the man sitting in the chair started talking about Jesus. The barber said that he is NOT a believer and Jesus and god does not exist. The client asked the barber how he could say such a thing. The barber commented that if there was really a God. And really a Jesus. Why are there so much cold murders? Theft. Divorcé. Betrayal. Lust. Heartache. Corruption. If God really exist why is He doing this to his people? Why doesn’t He help? God does not exist. The client did not comment but as he walked out of the barber shop after paying for the work done he saw a homeless man sitting across the road. He looked terrible. Clothes all torn. Hair all dirty and long and filthy. The man turned back to the barber and said. You know what. I don’t believe in barbers. They do not exist. The barber looked at the man with disbelieve. “How could you say such a thing, I just cut your hair. Off cource we do exist. The man said no they don’t. If Barbers really exist, why is that man sitting outside hair uncut and filthy. He looks terrible. The barber replied that the man doesn’t come to me for a cut. And that was just the man’s point. We don’t go to Jesus. So you will think he doesn’t exist. Think about it for a second. I have seen a man from Germany bring his cancer child with all different types of apparatus connected to him to a healing ceremony of Christ. The boy could not walk or talk. He was sick as hell. I am in the medical field and we sell those devices that the child had on. It was not fake. He had a hole in his through called a thrachy. Inside the trachea was a tracoe tube used for breathing. In his stomach he had a Mickey gastrostomy tube. Used for direct feeding into the stomach. That child was about 9 years old. In his prime of his life and busy dying. His parents saw that this person had healing powers given to him through God. The couple came from Germany with their kid to South Africa where I live. They started praying for that child. The child got up and ran all over the church with all devices unplugged. God healed that child completely. It is medically and scientifically impossible for this to happen. But it did. I saw it. With my own eyes. And I know that it is impossible because we deal with those products every day. The kid will die if he removes those tubes. Open holes in his chest and stomach. But it happened. That’s God for you. I love Jesus and He is my king. I rest my case. Jesus lives in us and wants you to obey him. Go on your knees and say thank you. And confess your sin. God will forgive you. Get a bible. It’s the roadmap to heaven. SHAUN.

    Shaun Le Roux

    April 24, 2008 at 09:07

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