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Gary Glitter’s release

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Sky News reports that shamed glam rock star Gary Glitter has been released from prison in Vietnam, where he was serving a three-year sentence for child sex offences.

This morning, on Sky’s Eamonn Holmes slot, newspaper commentator John Gaunt used a mélange of noisome adjectives to diss Glitter and suggested that if a paedophile lived on his cul de sac, he would want to know the person’s identity so that he could warn his kids against the offender.

Paedophilia is inexcusable. I too, would want to know the identity and wherabouts of anyone who represented a threat, real or otherwise, to my children.

Yet I think that teaching children the absolute crap of a Creator God and all the religious bunk that accompany this prime lie is a far greater threat than paedophilia.

Richard Dawkins argues compellingly on the mental abuse that is religious instruction to children.1

In an example that freezes the heart, Dawkins tells of an abused, a doubly abused, correspondent2 that wrote: “Being fondled by the priest simply left the impression (from the mind of a 7 year old) as ‘yucky’, while the memory of my friend going to hell was one of cold, immeasurable fear. I never lost sleep because of the priest – but I spent many a night being terrified that the people I loved would go to Hell. It gave me nightmares.”

I’d be keen to know the identities of people who are religious and come into contact with my children so I can warn my children.

I guess I know the identities of these religious people. And I am unable to do anything but privately warn my children, because the abuse that is religion is sanctioned by my community.

1. Dawkins, Richard. 2006. The God Delusion. Bantam Press. London. pp311-344.

2. 2006:317-318. She was sexually abused by her parish priest in his car. And, around the same time, a little school friend of hers, who had tragically died, went to hell because she was a Protestant. Or so she had been led to believe…


Written by Nathan Bond

August 19, 2008 at 09:17

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  1. Nathan, net ‘n kort opsomming; die duiwel is niks anders as my wil en God se wil is om aan ander te doen, wat ek aan myself gedoen wil hê. Wat is meer rasioneel, as om aan ander te doen, wat een aan dieself gedoen wil hê.
    Jy noem nou die oortreeders en dan gaan jy aan oor God en geloof, asof dit iets met die oortredings te doen het en dan maak jy of jy nie weet waarvan ek skryf. Dit blyk dat ek jou en Bewilderbeast se inteligensie oorskat het, jammer.
    I am not brainwashed, I just have a better understanding than many, in regard to religion and Bible logic.

    Hans Matthysen

    August 28, 2008 at 21:00

  2. Succinct example of what logic is up against: You say one thing, a brainwashed mind immediately (almost instinctively) reads something into it that doesn’t exist.
    My current rant (I’m looking at schools for my 10yr old) is how religion is brought in “to give kids a moral grounding”. My take: It’s to have a convenient excuse for lack of excellence/focus/kindness/tolerance/whatever – or to exclude “certain people”.


    August 22, 2008 at 12:33

  3. Hans

    Ek weet nie waarvan jy praat nie. Ek het nog nooit ‘n feilbare individu – gelowige of nie – voorgehou as verteenwoordigend van ‘n groep nie. Wat ek wel sê is dat as jy gode en duiwels ken is jy nie langer rasioneel nie.

    Nathan Bond

    August 21, 2008 at 22:30

  4. Nathan, as Dawkins, what you don’t understand, you try and run down, as you cannot accept the fact, that there are things that you don’t understand and there are others that do.
    Because one christian out of a million happens to be a Paedophil, or a rapist, you brand the whole Christian world. It is a poor conclusion for a supposed to be interlect. In any society, christian or not, you get failures, so please be realistic as you only display your own inability to reason with wisdom.

    Hans Matthysen

    August 21, 2008 at 22:06

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