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To die or not to die…

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The indefatigable South African Seventh-Day Adventist correspondent, dr Bernhard Ficker, has recently explained the “facts” about death: Bybel sê anders oor dooies se energie (Bible says differently about the energy of the dead) in Die Burger (an Afrikaans daily) of 30 October 2008.

Ficker makes death sound like “Intelligent Decline“.

This, briefly, is the Adventist position on death: One dies; one is resurrected at the “Second Coming“. According to John 5.xxix, says Ficker, the body shall come forth from the grave in one piece (no, I kid you not; he says it in so many words) not piece by piece.

I’ve some news for Ficker.

When one ceases to breathe, tissues are no longer getting oxygen. Cell metabolism stops, but proteolytic enzymes continue to work, breaking down cell integrity, especially the integrity of cell walls and cells begin to disintegrate.

When the triammonium phosphate levels in the blood reduce, cognitive ability ceases and stored memories in the hippocampus vanish. It is indeed “done”.

The body is aggressively recycled. Each one of us humans have about a billion of Jesus’ atoms. And another billion Mohammads, to be sure. It seems to me that there shall be an ineffable atomic bedlam on Judgement Day!


Written by Nathan Bond

November 2, 2008 at 19:48

One Response

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  1. Nathan, I don’t think John 5 v 29, states what Dr. Bernhard Ficker claims and would therefore not take what he wrote seriously. The day ones body dies, ones body shall never come to life again. The Bible confirms this fact and many don’t understand what this is all about. Read Job 14 v 12.

    Hans Matthysen

    November 6, 2008 at 20:23

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